We've shut down.

We started FoxDev hoping to provide a decent server for fans of a little-known game called Cube World, and for the most part, I feel we succeeded. Unfortunately, as many of us have grown and picked up real life commitments and responsibilities along the way, we've had less and less time to dedicate to managing both a server and community associated with it. This has caused the server to stagnate over the years along with Cube World which has understandably caused great annoyance to some of the more dedicated members of the community. Most of our players are aware that player counts are steadily dropping, hackers are becoming more prominent as moderators cannot commit enough time to deal with them, as well as other issues that have built up over time and remain unfixed.

As for me personally, I find no enjoyment in this anymore and haven't for a while. As such, I see no reason to continue putting time and money into something that at best causes myself and our moderators to receive abuse from a minority of toxic community members when things don't go perfectly, and who don't understand that this is not a full time job and we are not getting paid to manage a server and community.

All of this has led to the difficult, but necessary decision to shut the server down for the forseeable future. Our Discord server will remain as FoxDev is still a good community at it's core and I would hate to take that away from anyone.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

TheReverend403, FoxDev Owner